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At Salty Cow Soft Serve, we take our ice cream very seriously. Our family-owned ice cream shop offers more than 20 flavors of super creamy, smooth and delicious soft serve, along with your favorite toppings and dips. We're located conveniently on Main Street in Osterville, just across from Crisp Pizza. When you visit us, you can always count on our ice cream being freshly made and of the highest quality, because that's what we believe in. Come on by and say hello, and experience the ultimate ice cream treat that will leave you wanting more!

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Follow Salty Cow Soft Serve on Instagram and stay updated with our delicious frozen treats. Our iconic ice cream shop is located in beautiful Osterville on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Support our small business by following us on Instagram and checking out our posts for the latest flavors, specials, and promotions. Keep an eye out for our mouth-watering sundaes and unique soft-serve creations. Every like and comment helps us spread the word about our small business and helps us provide the best ice cream experience to our customers.

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